Hani chicken congee: Delicious snack from Jiangcheng

By Gateway   |    2024-07-04 16:58:44

To make the Hani chicken congee, cooks often use native-raise chicken, new rice, and various wild vegetables as its material. During preparation, the rice and chicken are firstly put into a pot with ginger slices, star anise powder, tsaoko, and salt. These ingredients are then simmered over a low fire.

As the firewood burns and the broth bubbles, the congee becomes soft and mushy. When the rice turns into a paste and the chicken aroma fills the air, the whole chicken is taken out, chopped on a cutting board, and served on a plate.

Additionally, the special chicken dipping sauce is also unique because of its distinct flavor. The sauce contains mashed eggs and congee broth, along with a variety of wild vegetables as seasonings.

Source: Yunnan News app; trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Hani chicken congee: Delicious snack from Jiangcheng