Yunnan tea gets popular overseas

By Gateway   |    2024-04-12 17:31:51

In the Zuxiang organic tea garden in Pu'er city of southwest Yunnan province, tea farmers carefully spread organic fertilizer made from materials such as sheep dung and oil residue, which naturally ferment along the fertilization ditch. After maturing, these teas will be exported to North America.

"The unique climate gives Pu'er terraced tea and ancient tree tea great quality. The taste of them is highly favored by tea lovers around the world," said Dong Tianwu, general manager of Pu'er Zuxiang High Mountain Tea Garden Co., Ltd.

"We have successfully obtained organic certifications from the European Union, the United States, and Japan. Now, our products are exported not only to Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Vietnam but also to European and American countries such as the United States, Germany, and Switzerland," added Dong happily.

Recently, a batch of red tea weighing 14.4 tons was exported to Poland after passing inspection by the Mengding Customs under Kunming Customs. "This year's spring tea has already been pre-ordered by various merchants," said Tian Fu, the person in charge of Fengqing Wenlong Tea Co., Ltd.

According to statistics, Kunming Customs supervised the export of 496.7 tons of tea in the first two months of this year, an increase of 13.3% compared to the same period last year.

Source: Yunnan Gateway; trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Yunnan tea gets popular overseas