100 million butterflies seen at Honghe valley

By Gateway   |    2024-05-24 15:55:25

Every year in mid to late May, Honghe Butterfly Valley in Ma’andi town of Jinping county in southwest China’s Yunnan province will see what is described as the “butterfly explosion”. From May 18, the butterflies have been emerging one after another from their cocoons. The whole “explosion” will last about a month till June 18.

This year, the number of butterflies is estimated to be about 100 million, with larger sizes and more beautiful appearances.

As is known to all, butterflies are delicate and vulnerable insects in nature. They serve as indicators for the ecological environment as they are very sensitive to the climate and surrounding conditions. Thus, they have strict requirements for the living condition.

The great ecological environment here is the main reason for the “explosion”. Because of the various weathers in the mountains of Ma’andi, the primitive forests are preserved completely. With its forest coverage reaching as high as 70%, the place is abundant in rainfall and biodiversity. The biodiversity here is also maintained excellently.

Source: Jinping media center; trans-editing by Wang Yunya

100 million butterflies seen at Honghe valley