Q&A tours form new trend among explorers

By Gateway   |    2024-07-03 17:15:05

A unique travel approach known as "Q&A tourism" has recently gained popularity.

"Q&A tourism" is a unique travel style where tourists ask locals for recommendations on food, entertainment, and places to visit instead of following fixed travel guides. Like opening a "blind box," this flexible approach connects travelers to the local scene, offering a simple and authentic way to experience the local atmosphere.

In late April, while on a business trip to Yunnan's capital, Kunming city, Fan Qing wanted to try some local delicacies near his work. After asking some local colleagues, he tried rice noodles, roasted dairy fans, and bought a box of flower-shaped pastries. "It was my first time trying these foods, and I really enjoyed them," he said.

Fan Qing believed that "Q&A tourism" breaks free from big data, offering a window into local culture, as well as a more diverse and personalized experience through interaction and exchange.

Source:Youth.cn; trans-editing by Guo Yao

Q&A tours form new trend among explorers