Melon inspectors are wanted

By Gateway   |    2024-07-03 16:03:05

Recently, in the major watermelon-producing regions of China, melon inspectors have become highly sought-after resources.

Due to the large quantities involved in watermelon transactions and the impracticality of cutting each one open, professional melon inspectors are needed to standardize the assessment of watermelon maturity and quality.

Li Junhui, a businessman with 16 years in the fruit supply industry, mentioned that since 2018, he hires many melon inspectors every harvest season.

Industry insiders reveal that most melon inspectors are paid based on the number of watermelons they inspect. On average, each inspector examines about 4,000 watermelons daily, earning around 3,000 yuan per day.

Source: Workers' Daily; trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Melon inspectors are wanted