Pet foster care is increasingly provided at home

By Gateway   |    2024-04-12 17:37:18

In 2023, China has the world's second-largest pet market and with the development of the pet economy, the profession of pet foster care has emerged.

In the courtyard of Lei Lu's house, a wall filled with various photos of cats and dogs can be seen. "The two playing on the sofa are Fuxing and Xiuxiu. And the one enjoying cake is Fugui. Here is Duoduo with its fur of Maillard style," said Lei Lu, the hostess of the courtyard. She introduced the pets that have been fostered here.

Lei said that three years ago, she and her husband, Yang Jiaxing, learned about pet foster care while taking care of their own pets. They saw great potential in this field and decided to become full-time pet foster carers in Yinchuan city, capital of Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

Compared to traditional pet shop boarding, home-style foster care is closer to the daily life of pets, reducing the tension and anxiety caused by environmental changes for them. At the same time, pets usually enjoy greater freedom of movement and do not have to stay in small cages for long, which is more beneficial to their psychological health.

In addition to daily care, Lei and her husband also pay close attention to the emotional changes of the pets. They establish emotional connections with the pets, soothing their emotions with gentle words and actions, making them feel like home.

Lei said she is very satisfied with her choice of being involved in pet service industry, not only because pet consumption is increasingly popular, but also because the little animals have brought her so much joy. She hopes to her best to accompany the pets and help them adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible.

Source: China Daily; trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Pet foster care is increasingly provided at home