Fruit salad gets popular in Yunnan

By Gateway   |    2024-04-09 17:16:10

When spring comes with fruits in Yunnan province, sour and spicy cold mixed fruits are once again in high demand. As the temperature is rising, this unique Yunnan-style cooling snack wins diners’ heart.

Green mangoes, pineapples, guavas, strawberries and plums can be chopped and mixed with salt, sugar, roasted chili and sesame. This refreshing delicacy is easily to be prepared.

Many vendors selling mixed fruits say that pineapples and mangoes sell best. So, two to three bowls of them can be sold each day. Many tourists are amazed and wonder that how many fruits in Yunnan can be enjoyed with chili. And the snack is surprisingly delicious.

As the snack is getting popular, doctors remind that cold mixed fruits is refreshing and tasty, but people with weak stomachs should not overindulge. For tourists trying cold mixed fruits for the first time, it is advised to control the quantity first, and avoid eating too many cold mixed fruits that they don’t know.

Source: Yunnan News; trans-editing by Wang Yunya

Fruit salad gets popular in Yunnan