DianLab | Is your stomach ready for Malaysian cuisine?

By Yunnan Gateway   |    2024-04-10 16:35:24

For many years, Malaysia has played as a popular travel destination to Chinese tourists.

Since December 1, 2023 when the visa-free policy was implemented for the first time, the tourism markets of both China and Malaysia have witnessed an unprecedented boom.

Thanks to its long history and ethnic diversity, Malaysia is hailed by many as a country with incredible food culture. Nyoya cuisine, as an invention of Malaysian-born Chinese and their descendants, has been considered a perfect example of cultural hybridization under globalization.

Recently, Jerry was invited to try authentic Malaysian cuisine in central Kunming. Let's see what he has to say about the food of this tropical nation.

Reporting by Wang Jingzhong; video by Li Wenjun (Yunnan Gateway)

DianLab | Is your stomach ready for Malaysian cuisine?